At Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS), the largest ever organized community event of Milestone in EMEA, held on March 25-27 in Copehagen, Denmark, in front of nearly 900 professionals Stefan Malinowski, Head of Intelligent Systems in Telelink Infra Services, shared Telelink’s experience with Milestone solutions and gave interesting facts about the key projects in Bulgaria that contributed and still sustain the Platinum partner status of the company. Mr. Vladimirov, senior expert from the IT department of Ministry of Interior co-presented and told the benefits of the successful implementation of the solutions of Milestone and Microsoft AWARE, the first one in Europe, as part of the highly-challenging project of securing the building and the perimeter around the National Palace of Culture to the highest possible standards, as part of the European Presidency in 2018.

MIPS takes place annually across the globe. The event offers a unique opportunity for the community of Milestone to come together to network, collaborate, create new business opportunities and learn about the latest industry trends.

You can check the presentation on the link above.