The Economist magazine organized the Smart Growth Conference, held at the Hilton Hotel on 14 March 2019. The venue brought together representatives of the real economy and government institutions to help small and medium businesses face the challenges of accelerating and maintaining their growth.

Targeting business audience, the event’s goal is to show the small and middle companies the opportunities provided by the technological, the financial and the consulting sector. Support for aligning market strategy, team management, budgeting and mentoring at times of stabilization and business growth is crucial for the success of each company, regardless of its business specifics.

Ivo Rusev, Director – Sales and Business Development at Telelink Business Services, was invited to participate in the “Technology for growth – lessons learned” panel session. His key message was that some technologies and services which were affordable only for large and government businesses a year ago, are now accessible for each small and medium company. For instance, Telelink provides a managed service to protect from cyberattacks for a monthly fee of 800 Bulgarian levs. On the other hand, developing a complete cybersecurity infrastructure might cost 50-80 thousand Bulgarian levs, not taking into account the experts needed to manage the investment.