Peter Kirkov, Manager Cybersecurity Business Development at Telelink Business Services, took part in the panel discussion “Cyber Security is not a job for humans: AI solutions to cyber threats” at the international conference Sofia CyberSec 2019 held on February 14, 2019.  This is the first event organized by the Digital National Coalition with the aim to bring together business leaders, governmental officials, cyber security specialists, and software developers.

“The biggest challenge companies are facing today is the lack of financial and human resources to protect themselves adequately. Currently there are not enough competent people in the cybersecurity industry. “, shared Peter. The fight against cyberattacks cannot be won with technology only, but without people. Furthermore, we need to educate people in the organizations”.

 “In the last couple of years there have been big changes in the way cyberattacks are organized. They are funded and organized by crime groups or government related actors, who are well educated, highly capable and motivated. Every device connected to the Internet is under threat of attack. Even if it doesn’t contain valuable data, it could still be used as a platform to attack other organizations” added Mr. Kirkov.