Educating people – the best way to solve the challenges in cybersecurity

Educating people – the best way to solve the challenges in cybersecurity

Peter Kirkov, Manager Cybersecurity Business Development at Telelink Business Services, took part in the panel discussion “Cyber Security is not a job for humans: AI solutions to cyber threats” at the international conference Sofia CyberSec 2019 held on February 14, 2019.  This is the first event organized by the Digital National Coalition with the aim to bring together business leaders, governmental officials, cyber security specialists, and software developers.

“The biggest challenge companies are facing today is the lack of financial and human resources to protect themselves adequately. Currently there are not enough competent people in the cybersecurity industry. “, shared Peter. The fight against cyberattacks cannot be won with technology only, but without people. Furthermore, we need to educate people in the organizations”.

 “In the last couple of years there have been big changes in the way cyberattacks are organized. They are funded and organized by crime groups or government related actors, who are well educated, highly capable and motivated. Every device connected to the Internet is under threat of attack. Even if it doesn’t contain valuable data, it could still be used as a platform to attack other organizations” added Mr. Kirkov.

Artificial Intelligence at Sofia Open Tennis Tournament

Artificial Intelligence at Sofia Open Tennis Tournament

Telelink has taken a step towards the application of big data analysis and artificial intelligence during sports events. We have cooperated with Sofia Open 2019, an ATP 250 tournament, to deliver advanced analytics of fan’s emotions and reactions during the tennis matches. The technology could be used for advanced analysis of the players’ performance and provide data-driven decision making both in the course of the athletes’ preparation and during tournaments. 

Together with the Sofia Open organizers we have implemented our common vision of something more than a tennis tournament – an event where fans, players and organizers are all engaged in delivering exciting experiences for the “tournament of the future” by developing advanced and innovative solutions.

What we did?

With the power of the AI, we  managed to analyze the audience’s reactions to what was happening on the court and provide visualizations of data and statistical analysis of fans’ engagement to both the organizers and the visitors. Based on historical data from past events and patterns and correlations founded, we managed to provide a data-driven overview and deep analysis of the players’ key performance indicators. 

What was behind it?

With this combination the audience is given a new and exciting viewpoint as the game progresses.  By providing the possibility for further fan engagement, the solution represents an innovative approach towards sports and AI locally.

What is next?

The statistical approach towards data could be further used to correlate past tournament data to data flow that will be generated through innovative sources and technologies as the Intelligent Kiosk for example, which is a technology that does real-time emotion recognition. The solution will be used for further pattern recognition and correlation between previous events and the newly received data. The usage of AI allows us to observe a whole new perspective of the event – an information that gives us the opportunity to enrich fan experience and optimize tournament organization.


Lubo Minchev elected as member of AmCham Board of Directors

Lubo Minchev elected as member of AmCham Board of Directors

A new Board of Directors was elected at the regular General Assembly of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria (AmCham). The new governing body has twelve members and Lubo Minchev, Telelink founder and CEO, is one of them. This will be the second term for him on the Board. Full list of the Board Members is available here.


‘I wish to use my experience and business connections to contribute to AmCham activities and causes. In 2018 we go down the road of digital transformation together and we will continue in 2019. I strongly believe that Bulgaria has an increasingly important position on the European digital map, which opens up a number of opportunities but also a lot of work to be done’, Mr. Minchev stated after his election.


Initiative to reduce the level of functional illiteracy

Initiative to reduce the level of functional illiteracy

30 high-school and university students participated the Telelink Learning Camp initiative on 24 and 25 of November in Sofia Tech Park. The team initiative gathered high school students last grade and students from different university majors in order to form multifunctional teams. The young people were challenged to seek a solution to reduce the level of functional illiteracy in Bulgarian schools, and six mentors from Telelink team supported them in the process helping to find out the most effective solutions.

The event format was based on JA Europe’s Innovation Camp model and focuses on functional illiteracy, a problem affecting many young people in school age in our country. This is the inability of students to find, understand, transform, present information and find solution of existing problems.

The Ministry of Education and Science was an institutional partner of the initiative and the Deputy Minister of Education Tanya Mihaylova joined the jury, which evaluated the ideas.

Implementing of theoretical-practical model of learning with a focus on continuity and mobile learning platforms based on existing technologies will help in resolving the lower rates of functional literacy among the Bulgarian students.

Pilot implementation of the winning ideas will be applied in one school of the Junior Achievement Network after the project of the two winning teams is finalized.

„What you are doing during these two days is really quite an example – your energy, the desire, the passion you worked with. Education is a national cause, and if we want to be proud of as a society, we need to inflate a maximum number of people with your enthusiasm. We would like to support ideas that have a real impact and which we can accomplish – hand in hand with the Ministry of Education and Science“ said Mr. Lubomir Minchev, founder and CEO of Telelink.

Telelink Supports the Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cyberspace

Telelink Supports the Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cyberspace

Telelink Business Services is onе the first to support the Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cybersecurity.

On 12 November at the UNESCO Internet Governance Forum (IGF), President Emmanuel Macron launched the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace. This high-level declaration on developing common principles for securing cyberspace has already received the backing of many States, as well as private companies and civil society organizations.

The Paris Call helps move international efforts forward by calling for action in three areas:

  • Protecting against indiscriminate or systemic cyberattacks against individuals or civilian infrastructure;
  • Protecting against attacks against the broad availability of the internet; and
  • Protecting against foreign interference with electoral processes.


Cyberspace, which is becoming increasingly central to our lives, is a place of opportunity, but also of new threats. The growth in cybercrime and malicious activity can also endanger both our private data and certain critical infrastructures.

In order to respect people’s rights and protect them online as they do in the physical world, States must work together, but also collaborate with private-sector partners, the world of research and civil society.

Supporters of the Paris Call are therefore committed to working together to:

  • increase prevention against and resilience to malicious online activity;
  • protect the accessibility and integrity of the Internet;
  • cooperate in order to prevent interference in electoral processes;
  • work together to combat intellectual property violations via the Internet;
  • prevent the proliferation of malicious online programmes and techniques;
  • improve the security of digital products and services as well as everybody’s “cyber hygiene”;
  • clamp down on online mercenary activities and offensive action by non-state actors;
  • work together to strengthen the relevant international standards.


Learn more about the Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cybersecurity here.

ScyNet is the winner of the startup pitch contest powered by Telelink

ScyNet is the winner of the startup pitch contest powered by Telelink

ScyNet is the winner of the startup pitch contest organized by CEE Block Sofia.

For their project final realization, they will receive €250,000 investment by Telelink and business mentoring personally by Lubo Minchev, Founder & CEO, Telelink and Chairman of the Jury, evaluating the applicants in the startup pitch contest.

“Of the 9 contestants, ScyNet is the project promising to have the most favorable impact on the blockchain ecosystem and the society as a whole, and which has the potential to create added value in all three areas important for us as a company and members of the community – supply chain management, healthcare and education.” said Lubo Minchev when announcing the winner.

ScyNet is a decentralized network for creating and training autonomous AI agents based on  smart-contracts. They are part of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum ecosystem. ScyNet is one of the two pillar projects of Comrade Cooperative – a member-owned organization of software developers and innovation builders. 

More than 50 blockchain startups applied to compete for €250,000 in the startup pitch contest organized by CEE Block Sofia and supported by Telelink.

Nine entrepreneurs had the chance to pitch their projects in front of a recognized jury, during a dedicated panel of the top investors, an audience of C-level executives from leading global brands and European policy-makers during CEE Block Sofia (Oct.25-26).

The finalists were evaluated by an independent jury with members: Jury Chairman – Lubo Minchev, Founder and CEO of Telelink, Bozhidar Bozhanov, Founder of LogSentinel, Elvin Guri, CEO of Empower Capital, Ivan Zhityanov, Executive Director of Telelink Business Services and Rosen Ivanov, Founder of BlackPeak Capital.

The main criteria were innovation, social significance – positive impact on people and society, team capacity, business model and market potential.