Telelink has taken a step towards the application of big data analysis and artificial intelligence during sports events. We have cooperated with Sofia Open 2019, an ATP 250 tournament, to deliver advanced analytics of fan’s emotions and reactions during the tennis matches. The technology could be used for advanced analysis of the players’ performance and provide data-driven decision making both in the course of the athletes’ preparation and during tournaments. 

Together with the Sofia Open organizers we have implemented our common vision of something more than a tennis tournament – an event where fans, players and organizers are all engaged in delivering exciting experiences for the “tournament of the future” by developing advanced and innovative solutions.

What we did?

With the power of the AI, we  managed to analyze the audience’s reactions to what was happening on the court and provide visualizations of data and statistical analysis of fans’ engagement to both the organizers and the visitors. Based on historical data from past events and patterns and correlations founded, we managed to provide a data-driven overview and deep analysis of the players’ key performance indicators. 

What was behind it?

With this combination the audience is given a new and exciting viewpoint as the game progresses.  By providing the possibility for further fan engagement, the solution represents an innovative approach towards sports and AI locally.

What is next?

The statistical approach towards data could be further used to correlate past tournament data to data flow that will be generated through innovative sources and technologies as the Intelligent Kiosk for example, which is a technology that does real-time emotion recognition. The solution will be used for further pattern recognition and correlation between previous events and the newly received data. The usage of AI allows us to observe a whole new perspective of the event – an information that gives us the opportunity to enrich fan experience and optimize tournament organization.